Oh yes! i am no longer a BUM!

Last weekend i decided to end my bum life and start working again, three months of vacation is, well, not enough for me.. there's so much things i still want to do, so much books to read, so much desire to just sleep.. i know, i've been so pampered and spoiled this past few months so i feel like i've gotten so used to it.. but then again, there's always a time to stop..

so, last monday i decided to try my luck and applied for a CSR position in SYKES.. i was so nervous, because the last time i did an interview was like 3 years ago.. i've never been rejected in all the company that i applied for so just thinking about being rejected this time would really hurt my pride and shatter my confidence, but everything went great, i got the job! easy, peasy!

i had 2 set of interview, the initial and final stage.. actually it doesn't seem like an interview at all because during the initial interview, it's like they're already offering me a job.. they offered me 3 jobs to choose from.. the 1st position is HR Associate, it was actually tempting because ive always wanted to do something that is related to my course but then i just feel like im not ready yet so i turned it down.. then they also offered a SALES position, which is a NO-NO for me, i hate selling.. i don't think im convincing enough to do that job.. and lastly they offered a CRS position, either in financial or a travel account, i chose the latter cos it seems easier and less stressful..

Tuesday, i already signed the contract with them.. i met some of my wave mates there as well, it's nice to have friends already even before the training starts..

so yes, I AM HIRED!
training starts on monday..

 it's kinda new to me again and im so nervous but im also excited..

Hiatus - OFF


I've been hiatus for like three months after graduation, just chilling out, watching asian dramas and reading books..

i guess i've watched all the best asian dramas already that there's nothing to watch anymore that's why i decided to just read a book.. so, i finished 12 books in like two weeks..

during my asian drama adventure, i found new crushes and new favorites.. like
  • Mike He from Devil Beside you and Why Why Love
  • Princess Man
  • Roy Qiu from Easy fortune, Happy life
  • Heartstrings
  • Hello, My Sweetheart
one drama that i also loved is Summer's Desire by Barbie Zhu, very nice drama.. it'll make you want to watch more..

The Books i read:
  • Fallen Series
  • Hush Hush 
  • Existence trilogy
  • Evernight Series
Im still waiting for the final books of Fallen and Hush Hush though, it'll come out this spring and im so excited! i've been obsessed with Fallen Angels recently, thanks to Daniel Grigori -- Fallen Series is one of the best series i ever read.. 

Obssesed with my Droid

hubby gave me my ultimate christmas wish -- my Andoid tablet/phone

at first i was torn b/w ipad 2 and iphone 4, i want an ipad bcoz of the size, and i want an iphone bcoz of the obvious -- a phone.. but i feel like twas too inconvenient to bring two gadgets at the same time, esp for me who always forgot things.. so, i researched online and found this adorable baby -- SAMSUNG GT P6200 a tablet and a phone combined in one! how awesome is that?!

so now, im oficially a DROIDER, and i'm loving it!

Breaking Dawn

finally, hubby and i seen Breaking Dawn.. I've read the book a million times already, and i was so happy hearing those lines in the movie.. what i hate about BD is how rob and kristin deliver their lines, it's not how i envision Edward and Bella's scene! my other concern is that i was so looking forward to the sex scenes in the movie, i was so expecting to see Edward biting off the headboard, oh well, maybe that's just too much.. also, i love gore stuffs so im a lil' dissapointed with the delivery scene.. i want blood! LOL

but overall i enjoyed it a lot.. especially JACOB'S part!


Today i went shopping with my husband and parents :)

here's what i got

this is a sandals with kitten heels from WADE
i got it for everyday use..

this shoe is from ROSSANA PENA, i'm going to use this
for my cousin's wedding on december..

and lastly,
my most fave of em' all
OMG, im so in love with it..
you know, im a bag person, and i've been eyeing this bag for so long
i'm so glad hubby bought it for me :)

after shopping,
banana split parfait to the rescue :)

My Last Week in School

last week @ CCP with my super POKS!

hey y'all!

School is finally over.. i passed all my subjects -- GRADUATE NA TLG KO!
im so happy and excited with the new journey to come but at the same time sad
that i have to leave school, my friends and all the people i've come to love.. 

no more stressful professors, no more sleepless night for projects, no more waking up early to get to school, and no more bonding times with my super friends..

and lastly,
no more shopping for cute school supplies..
ugh, that's my favorite part of being in school! :)

two more weeks..

I only got 2 more weeks before school ends..

I've been waiting for so long for this day to come, i never expect to feel this way..
time flies so fast, i think i'm not ready to leave..

i will surely miss school, this last semester is the best college experience i ever had.. i met new people from different courses, become friends with them, learned something new, and experienced new things..

i will definitely miss them all, new and old friends!