Oh yes! i am no longer a BUM!

Last weekend i decided to end my bum life and start working again, three months of vacation is, well, not enough for me.. there's so much things i still want to do, so much books to read, so much desire to just sleep.. i know, i've been so pampered and spoiled this past few months so i feel like i've gotten so used to it.. but then again, there's always a time to stop..

so, last monday i decided to try my luck and applied for a CSR position in SYKES.. i was so nervous, because the last time i did an interview was like 3 years ago.. i've never been rejected in all the company that i applied for so just thinking about being rejected this time would really hurt my pride and shatter my confidence, but everything went great, i got the job! easy, peasy!

i had 2 set of interview, the initial and final stage.. actually it doesn't seem like an interview at all because during the initial interview, it's like they're already offering me a job.. they offered me 3 jobs to choose from.. the 1st position is HR Associate, it was actually tempting because ive always wanted to do something that is related to my course but then i just feel like im not ready yet so i turned it down.. then they also offered a SALES position, which is a NO-NO for me, i hate selling.. i don't think im convincing enough to do that job.. and lastly they offered a CRS position, either in financial or a travel account, i chose the latter cos it seems easier and less stressful..

Tuesday, i already signed the contract with them.. i met some of my wave mates there as well, it's nice to have friends already even before the training starts..

so yes, I AM HIRED!
training starts on monday..

 it's kinda new to me again and im so nervous but im also excited..


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