i am not superstitious at all, but my mom is.. she always tell me that there's nothing to lose if we'll believe.. err whatever!

here are some example of filipino superstitions:
  • If you dream of losing your teeth, a family member will die/will be sick.
  • Don't sweep the house at night or you sweep away the blessings.
  • If someone leave the dinner table, turn your plate around or you will not have food soon.

i really dont believe such until today.. i had a dream where i lost my tooth.. i dont remember much details about it but all i know is the dream was not scary at all.. when i woke up, maybe around 4pm, my mom sent an SMS, twas about my grand mom.. she's in the hospital because her right leg have allergies & is infected, & the doctor said they need to amputate it.. she will undergo a surgery tomorrow, & its very risky since she's very old (84) & her heart is weak..

2 mos ago, i also had a same dream, & my dad got hospitalized for a month..

so now, i think im starting to believe it.. well its scary & i hate it.. but i know in GOD's grace everything will be okay..

all im thinking right now is my mom, for sure she's really frustrated about this & maybe she's straining herself thinking on what to do.. & also for my grand mom, i love her & i want her to survive this, but im afraid of what would be her reaction once she woke up & realized that her leg is gone.. she's paralyzed from waist down & its only my mom who takes care of her, because her other 2 sons are too busy to see her.. she really is a sad old woman, & for sure she'll be depressed about this..

well i just hope we can survive this..


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