Insecurity Kills

"Joahanna" is NOT real.. this is a dummy account! dummy? the word suits best w/ the owner huh.. she's pretending to be an Ex-GF, but know things only a neighbor can.. stalker much? yeah, hobby nyang subay-bayan ang life ko.. well i cant blame her, my life is far more interesting and worth living compared to her's..

and also, the pic i posted here, that's also one of her LIES.. she showed me 4 'different' pics! she need to stop using someone else's pic for her crappy scheme.. what a stupid LOSER! but she's busted now, i know who she is, she's someone i thought my friend..

there's no room for u in my life! i gave u my friendship but u prove yourself unworthy,, so get lost bitch, get a LIFE, u'll be as pathetic as U R till d day u DIE!


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