my presentation is done.. result? FINE, i think..

BUT i need to do another presentation for my other subject.. & i have to talk to dean and sir P, for some school matters! few weeks to go and this sem is over.. finally!

nothin' much w/ me.. same old sleepyhead.. i was unable to attend class yesterday, good thing my prof. was also absent.. its 2 am, got class later, i am too lazy to go, BUT i know i have to..

i am so irritated right now, there's a tiny lizard on the floor, i cant sleep.. im too afraid na umakyat xa sa bed.. khapon p cya nangungulit! nde xa takot sa tao.. i keep on scaring it but it wont go away, it keeps on coming back! i wish i can get rid of it by tomorrow! haiys..

i want to set up my gprs on my new phone, but i dont know how!

im bored.. i want to go some place fun!


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