I Remember

i remember the first time u called me on the phone, u sound really stupid and dunno what to do..

i remember the 1st time i saw u.. whenever u luk at me, my heart skip a bit..

i remember the day u said u love me, and yes i didn't believe u..

i remember the first time u got lost, u were standing in the wrong place and cant find me..

i remember the 1st time u surprised me, that was unexpected, but my heart already knows..

i remember our first date.. oh yeah, mcdonald rules!

i remember the first time i introduced u to my friends, & u get along with em' so easily..

i remember the first time u kissed me, twas a stolen kiss..

i remember the first time my dad saw u, i introduced u as TOM.. for tom cruise (baduuuy!)

i remember the first birthday i had with u.. we went to manila bay, i and got kicked out from our house the next day..

i remember our first real kiss.. and there's this nosey guy watching us.. Eww!

i remember the first time my mom met u, and she was acting all bitchy..

i remember our fist real fight, i almost gave up on u..

i remember the first time u lied to me, the pain felt like eternity..

i remember the first time i saw ur parents, twas the scariest part of my life..

i remember the first time u went in our house, u sneaky ass!

i remember how i ditched my school activities just to be with you..

i remember how i got lost and walk for like 3 hours just to get to you..

i remember the time when i really wanna be w/ u and end up begging my mom to let me live w/ u..

i remember the first xmas we spent together, just a few blocks away from my dad..

i remember the first new yr we had, i sneak to ur house just to see u before the year ends..

i remember our first sleep over, twas in kong's place..

i remember our first valentine, u showed me loved..

i remember our first slow dance, u were my last dance in my debut..

i remember the look on ur face when i told u i was pregnant, u were so shocked..

i remember when we elope, it was scary and painful..

i remember when we arrived to our new house, u cleaned everything for me..

i remember our first dinner, rice overload courtesy of manong..

i remember our first night as a real couple, twas ........

i remember the first time u did laundry for me, sweep the floors, do household chores, im your princess..

i remember the first fan we bought, it was pink and now being used by cady..

i remember our first check up together, we heard cady's heartbeat..

i remember my daily cravings, jollibee's cheesy mushroom burger for me and angel's burger for u..

i remember really wanting to watch 'lovers in paris', so we end up going home to your house where there's tv..

i remember our first night in ur room, i slept on the bed and u on the floor..

i remember the first maternity dress u bought for me, again it was pink..

i remember bitchin' at u in your own house and started throwing stuffs at u because u played basketball outside..

i remember that u never went outside and play with ur friends again, u just stayed with me since then..

i remember the time when we meet up with my parents again after we elope and end up cryin.. and shopping!

i remember how we always go to sm everyday, just to eat out, walk and have fun..

i remember my first ultrasound, i shared it with you, i told u that it was a girl..

i remember the time we bought ps1 for you, and i almost passed out because of that stupid, loud kid at the store..

i remember when we went to the hospital because im about to give birth, u were so tensed and scared..

i remember the first time we saw cady, we both cant believe she's ours..

i remember the day we both signed her birth certificate, we named her zaschea cady buenaventura..

i remember our first night with cady, both of us didn't sleep cuz were afraid that she'll stop breathing.

i remember when u first held her, u were so gentle and scared..

i remember the time when we go to school together, as if were the only person there..

i remember our first xmas and new year together as a couple, we celebrate alone with wine and foods in our room..

i remember our 2nd valentine, it was very special to me, i cried because u made me feel so loved that day..

i remember having a job and you always accompany me at 2am to hail a cab
 even though u have an early class..

i remember how u prepare my food, my bath and even my toothbrush 
before i go to work..

i remember going home so late from a party with friends, 
while you're alone, waiting for me..

i remember the times i took you for granted, and still you held on..

i remember the first time i broke ur heart, but u never let go..

i remember how u fought for me, and showed me where i really belong..

i remember how u accepted me, like nothing happened.. 
and you just love me more..

i remember the day we said "i do", and swore to love each other, forever..


i remember everything cuz you never failed to show me everyday
 how much you love me..

it seems like we've been through almost everything.. u've always been there, from preparing my lunch, my dinner, my hot water for my bath, my toothbrush to everything..
thank you!


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