i ♥ wednesday!

its my rest day.. school was fun!

im still motivated about school.. im enjoying it! finally, im loving it!

most subjects is handled by sir val, well he changed, he is not the terror-type-paperwork-everyday-kind of professor anymore.. good!

and... i changed too! now, im participating in class! that's so NOT me.. lol!

there are so many time, opportunity, money that i've wasted so it's about time for me to get back to my senses and finally do the things i need to do and just be happy with it..

since i dont have class later, (its 1AM) im hoping that today will be a productive day!

  • do laundry - done
  • clean room - done (slight.. haha)
  • fix school stuff
  • read my school notes
  • spend time w/ my husband - done
  • check email- done


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