Christmas is Love..

got to spend xmas eve with husby alone.. on the 24th, we went to the grocery store to buy ingridients for my special cake but twas' sold out! so we ended up buying a 'toblerone cake' from goldilocks.. when we got home, we asked cady to open her gifts from us.. she was so happy! then, hubby and i watched a movie on DVD till midnight then we shared noche buena together..

simple, intimate and private!

that's why,

next year im planning to make it different..

i would suggest that:

  • we'll do a kris kringle for nxt year, juz to add spice on the usual xmas stuff.. it'll be 5 saturdays, starting dec 4th..
  • have cady join us during noche buena..
  • ill cook everything for our noche buena.. and ill keep in mind to shop earlier! :]
  • include wine in the shopping list! plus snacks!

Merry Christmas to all!!!


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