Magical Myth

cady lost her 1st tooth today!!!
too bad i dont know where it went, i think she swallowed it!

as a first time mom, im not sure if introducing "the tooth fairy" to her would be a good idea.. tooth fairy and santa clause are just the same, they bring magic in our lives, it has become a big part of our childhood that is fun and makes our imagination goes wild..

my parents raised me believing in these magical myth, that if im a good girl santa will come and bring me gifts! since then i am always looking forward every mornings of dec 25th checking our tree if santa came.. it was a fun feeling and an achievement as well..

I think the reason i want to continue the traditions of Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy is because i have such wonderful memories of believing in them when i was a kid! these beliefs were magical, and i want my daughter to experience the same wonder. so yeah i gave in.. i told her about the tooth fairy! but since her tooth can't be found i took a picture of her and told her that i will show that to the tooth fairy..

looking forward this december, since she turned 5, i think its also time for me to introduce her to santa claus this year.. i know it's a bit late, or it is? i dont know, i really don't remember when i was introduced to him.. but late is better that never.. right? :)


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