1st Day of Clinical OJT

I was really dissapointed with how the field trip turned out for us, we were really exhausted and starved.. but my 1st day of duty was different, i actuallly had fun with my students today..

I was assigned to Grade 1 students, they were all so welcoming, cute and kind.. they aren't the typical kids who are 'magulo' and 'makulit'.. and they're freakin' smart!!!

I already got my favorite student, well, actually he's everyone's favorite! his name is Vaughn, he's 8 and he's so sweet!

They call me Teacher Janelle..  it felt good! im looking forward to my 8-hour duty tomorrow.. it'll start at 8AM, too early for me but i know at the end of the day it'll be rewarding.. :)


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