Im so Loving my New Apps for my iPod right now..

for productivityInClass

its an amazing student planner, i can organize my schedule, to-do list, projects and more.. i love planners, and what's good about this is that it's handy and it has everything i need.. this app is good for people who procrastinate a lot, like me..

for fun and games: Angry Birds

Its a  funny little puzzler about flightless birds that attack egg-stealing pigs via slingshot. The pigs hide in wooden, metal, and glass houses. Angry Birds is incredibly addicting and the green pigs are really annoying!

i got more apps like dictionary, docs to go, ebook reader, facebook, skype, twitter and more.. there are a lot of apps you can choose from in the Apple Store..

Apple is my new bestfriend, you can customize it with your personality, load it with apps base on your needs and likes.. it is definitely a tremendous value.


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