Bag Talk

yeah i really got a HUGE bag addiction, good thing i am kuripot enough to sometimes say NO to temptations.. bags makes me happy.. whenever i see one, it makes me want to buy them all! Bags got lots of shapes, sizes, texture, design and style and that's what made me love them..

i love other things too like clothes, shoes, and accessories but nothing can make me drool like a hungry hyena when it comes to BAGSSS...

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but lately, ive been thinking that this addiction has to end.. i got LOTS of bags right now and i don't use them since i always have a new one.. i realized that its better to splurge money on CLOTHES, because you use them on a daily basis.. you can use the same bag for weeks and no one will notice, but NOT with clothes! another thing that i must focus my mind on is SHOES.. 


and not only that, i must take care of my feet.. with all the walking and stuff my feet deserves better, right?


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