Imma Bee, Busy Bee!

Ive been so preoccupied with SCHOOL that i don't have social life anymore.. this semester is super demanding!  my time is devoted only to school + ojt + thesis +  projects.. i haven't seen my friends in a while! my facebook is stuck, NO new photos.. i haven't been able to celebrate a year end party, new yr party and v-day party with them! Sucks!

got a few hours left for my Educational setting, then 1 more setting to go and im DONE! thesis defense is 9 days away and i'm freaking out right now! got 3 papers due this march and a few final exams for my other subjects! how BUSY can i get?!

i got too much on my plate right now that i don't get enough sleep, let me rephrase that - i don't get to sleep at all! 

.....but I am thankful for all these! 
2 more months to go then its time to PARTY!!!


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