It's Complicated...

watched "It's Complicated" last night on HBO, 
it was a very nice movie! happy and sad at the same time.. 

Adam's Character: (Alec Baldwin)
after 10 years he realized that he's still in-love with his EX-wife.. now he knew what he's missing in his life and it sucks because he already had it once but let it go not knowing it's worth..

Jane's Character: (Meryl Streep)
After all the pain, confusion and hardship.. she finally got the closure she needs.. 10 years is long but it led her to the right man (Steve Martin) who will make her happy..

I was kinda sad (but not disappointed), because i was hoping that Jane and Adam will get back together but maybe that's how life is.. Adam Cheated, Jane got hurt.. end of the story! they got the chance of love but Adam blew it so its too late, Jane must move on and find happiness with someone else! but over-all it was a HAPPY ending.. 

Married Life is indeed complicated, sometimes you get used to being together that you take for granted the person you can't live without and realized it way too late.. sometimes you overlook the little things that will make you happy.. and sometimes you end up hurting the most important person in your life, your partner! it may be too late but most of the time it's not! so take your chances in love, if you've given your all then you will have NO REGRETS! being married is not like a fairy tale where it's all happy, sweet and perfect.. being in a relationship needs understanding, patience, time and compromise.. No one is perfect when it comes to the LOVE department, but knowing how to accept mistakes and make up for it and learning how to forgive will do the trick! 


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