This is for you, Stupid!

Dear Ms. C,

          You are such a bitch!

          Thank you for not letting me present today even though i am well prepared.. my time and effort is wasted and it's all because of you! i know i don't attend your class everyday but i got too much on my plate, i have too many responsibilities and it's hard to set my priorities.. BUT even if i don't attend your class, i know i can do well, i am confident about myself.. if only you gave me a chance to prove myself i know you'll be surprised but you didn't! so, FUCK YOU!!!

Disgusted with you,


carlevesun said...

ang harsh.... sino kaaway mo?

ElleBuenaventura said...

prof ko sa MINOR subject.. take note: M-I-N-O-R! feelingera akala mo MAJOR subject! Grrr

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