Book Review: House of Night

Part I: April 14, 2011
Finally done with the first novel "MARKED", one word -- SMASHING!
twas a pretty good read.. it's a vampire story but a whole lot different from Stephenie Meyer's Twilight, the setting and character is new and unique! it's like TwilightMean Girls and Harry Potter combined.. reading each chapter is a joy for me..

i love all the characters especially Erik he is so damn hot! i would looove to suck and lick his blood if im a vamp or human - i dont care! i just wanna suck/lick him.. real baaaaaaad! lol

<-- best description of ERIK
GORGEOUS ryt?!!!!

(UPDATEi take this back, Erik is a jerk! ugh, Heath and Stark is LOOOOVE!!!)

Part II: April 23, 2011 (Update)

Done with the 8th novel "AWAKENED", House of Night is the BEST! much better than twilight..

what i love about this series is that it doesn't center on love story alone, it discuss friendship, family and religion as well.. i fell in love with all the characters, and the death of some has shaken me to the core -- ugh this book made me cry a gazillion times!

i cant wait to get my hands on the last novel "DESTINED" - November pls come real soon!

Heath is coming back - from the dead, as a vessel to destroy the one person he loves! OMIGOSH! is his love for zoey enough to recognize her before it's too late? before he kills the main reason he came back?!

and what will happen to Stark? He's starting to be controlled by Kalona - unconsciously on that matter! so, its death for Stark or Kalona! but i dont want Stark to die, ill miss his hot body and his cocky-smile.. i really do hope that zoey can keep both guys.. once she did she'll be invincible.. having two strong guys beside her - Neferet will surely go crazy lol..

DRAGON'S OATH is coming this July, prequel for the series.. im not really interested with Dragon but for collection sake, i will definitely buy the book!


SILVIA said...

honey!!really love it!!!
beautiful post!

ElleBuenaventura said...

thanks! im done with the 8th book, House of Night is Looove! im glad you liked it too.. cant wait for the last book - DESTINED! :)

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