mini "HBC" beauty haul

i really love make-up though i don't use them much.. why? because i am not good at applying it!

the everyday make up i wear in school is - powder and blush.. 
for night out -- same routine with eye make up!

last week my friend told me about a huge sale at HBC, and since i'm a sucker for sale, i immediately went to the nearest HBC branch.. and it was amazing -- there's so many things to buy and i hate how i only have a few budget allotted for make up! ugh..

but anyways, here's my mini-haul:

SanSan in Moss Green

Face Powder

SanSan Lipstick No. 4
SanSan Mascara - Black

Silver Eyeliner from Allue

just the basics.. "Less is More!" charot*

finish product: 

actually, in this picture i only used the powder and the eyeliner here.. 
no lipstick and no mascara!


carlevesun said...

ay gusto ko yung silver eyeliner!!! how much?

ElleBuenaventura said...

60php lang ata :)

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