did u know that i knew i love him before i met him? hahah cheesy*

seriously, its true! when i was still in 4th yr high school, i have this guy im crushing on.. he's the world to me that time.. let's just call him "MR. D"..

one day i had a dream, in my dream, the setting was at the mall, im with a classmate that im not really uber close to.. (she's nice & she's my friend, its just that we have different set of friends, okay!) let's call her "MS. T" we're in SM annex near the comfort room, we were chatting, & im with a guy that time but i can't see his face it was blurred i think.. all i know is that i love that guy so much! when i woke up, i was still thinking about that dream.. im wondering why would i be with that friend since were not that close & WHY, WHY is the guy not MR. D..

years passed, im already in college.. jerny & i are already BF-GF that time, we were in SM annex, then suddenly 'MS. T' texted me, she said she is at the mall & waiting for someone, asking if we can give her company until the person she's waiting for arrived.. so we agreed in meeting some place near the comfort room area.. we were chatting, then i remembered my dream.. it was exactly the same setting, the same feeling.. it's not just deja vu!

deja vu: a feeling that one has seen or heard something before (merriam-dictionary)

its not deja vu because its not just a "feeling" of familiarity for me..

its real.. i had that exact dream, i remember it so clearly, until now!

i've seen him, i've felt him, i love him right before i met him..

its not deja vu, its DESTINY!


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