My Love Story..

okay. we met june 2003.. that was 5 yrs ago! i was studying back then in St. Paul University, my friend & i had this bet on who will have a bf first.. so i chat on "link-tv" (a channel where u can chat on tv using mobile phones/SMS) eewwness! i know.. lol! & yes im desperate hahah.. i dunno y, i just want to win.. so there i post on "link tv" about looking for a textmate, then i forgot to put my cel # in that msg.. stupid right? so i tried 1 more time, this time making sure i put my cel #, hehehe.. then 3 guys texted me.. jerny is one of them.. the other 2 just stop texting that same day, so jerny is the only person left, he called me on our landline, we talked for a few minutes then hung up..

the next day, during our school break.. i told my friends about jerny & they suddenly want to meet him.. so i texted him to come over to our school.. after a few minutes he arrived.. he's tall, fair, cute.. (jerny would love to read this, LOL) well being the shy type, i dunno how to talk to him so i asked my friend to pretend that she is me.. but we ended up telling him the truth.. im speechless, all i do is smile.. so we just went home! from that day on, he never stop texting me!

this is cool:
jerny told me that the the moment he switched on his TV, he saw my number.. so forgetting to include my cel # the first time i text in link-tv isn't stupid.. its destiny! bcoz im planning to text in link-tv only once.. but i did it twice, only because i forgot to put my # the first time..


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