1st school day

today was my first day in school, i made new friends na.. i also saw my old clasm8s din..

at least now, d nko mxado kkbhan xe nkita ko n un mga mgiging clasm8s ko, they seem nice nmn at mdaming magaganda..

2morow's gonna be diff though, xe di ko p lam cno mga professors, i really hope not MR. DELA CRUZ.. sna c Sir P nlang o si Sir Montez.. un prof ko knina, i dunno his name, he's gay, he's maarte, hahah he is complaining about the heat bkit daw nde airconditioned un room.. he's just a freelance teacher xe from a diff school.. he also said that he dont use chalk, coz he only use white board marker! duh.. so kme kelangan mg take notes everytime.. ang hirap kya nun.. hays but in fairness to him nmn, he seems nice..

another update, ng change sched ko tuwing m/th, dhil n dissolved at n move un ibang subjects ko.. here's my new schedule:

10:30 - 12:00 is my 1st subject
12:00 - 4:30 break time (ang haba)
4:30 - 9:00 is my last subj

OMG.. pano n yan ang haba ng break.. ktamad! i need to go home during breaks kc wla ako ksama tpos pag umuwi ako bka tamadin nnmn ako.. kainis tlg..

here are some pix from the 1st day:

me, cam-whoring b4 goin to school

me and bernadette

sam, bernadette and me


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