2nd day was fun, my professor for most subject would be Sir P, yey! sarap mg aral pag si sir p ang prof. buti nde si DELA CRUZ, but i heard xa ang prof s thesis.. migosh, pharapan un for sure..

i made a new friend today, her name is daisy.. she's nice & pretty, maybe we could be good friends.. she's working in a call center, & she is the HR manager there.. im lookin forward for more bonding time with her, i like her..

i think im gonna be sick, knina i was unable to attend half of my class due to severe headache.. i think this is bcoz of puyat din.. hays need to stop this! ngayon puyat mode coz no classes tomorrow, but nxt time i have to sleep early or my class would suffer.. & hello, my eyebags is getting bigger everyday.. need a beauty rest BIGTIME!


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