Our Hobby: Shopping

My husby gave me money to splurge today.. im so happy i bought two lovely bags! ts just nice that we have so much in common, we like to do things together.. we both love shopping, pro mas mgastos xa.. hahah! mejo kuripot pko s lagay n to.. we both love starbucks & caramel frappe, w/ raspberry mango cheesecake.. that's what we always do after the long hours, & tiring shopping marathon, there we can rest, relax & talk about the stuff that we bought.. & decide for the last minute kung bibilhin b namin un nagustuhan namin n mganda n mejo pricey.. haha for me i always end up deciding not to.. (kuripot!) we also love foods, khit saan bsta masarap, kaya ako nde pumapayat! we both love movies din, pro s bahay lng - DVD, pro pag sobrang ganda nun movie xempre IMAX na, esp NEW MOON, hunnie said we'll watch in Moa,IMAX, & im effin excited! & also we both love to smoke (nega hobby) after eating or simply dahil wlang mgawa.. jamming everloo! sana more bonding moments to come..


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