Sick and Stressed

ive been sick since my last post! severe headache to the maximum level, to the extent that i cant open my eyes bcoz of pain.. thursday night, i slept early coz im not feeling well.. friday, i was unable to go to school, coz the pain is no longer bearable.. dad went here to come see me, i was worried coz i need to go to school.. good thing, my subjects were moved to a different sched, again.. lol! today, saturday im feelin better.. i went to 3noma & bought new tops/shirts for school use & ordered my fave caramel frappe @ starbucks.. i need to relax!

i think my body is no longer used to stress anymore, i easily get tired especially during daytime.. & also maybe because im always sleep deprived, that's why my body collapsed.. i cant sleep early, even if i try, i just cant.. ugh i hate school.. wla bng graveyard shift ang school? maybe i can do better there..

2morow's gonna be my last rest day for this week, good luck monday!


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