My Lil Angel

It was 4 yrs ago when i had her, she's the cutest lil' angel every mother would love to have.. being a mom was hard esp to a spoiled bratt, demanding kid like cady (sounds familiar eh?) LOL! but inspite of her being a pain in the BUTT, she'll always be the loveliest, cutest, adorable, sweetest kid in the world.. the times when she makes lambing, the time when she do silly things just to get my attention, times when she hugs & kisses me to comfort me & how she show me everyday how much she loves me melts my heart.. she really is the best thing that ever happened to me.. being a mom is a very rewarding task, at the end of the day, after being tired & the headache, twas all worth it!

To Cady,


mommy loves you so much!


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