A year older

hah.. im 23 na! i didnt even remember how i got here.. the last time i remember 18 plang ako.. lol! lots of things happened, lots of things changed.. pro why do i feel like im stucked here?

im stagnant, not moving.. maybe bcoz i dont want to or maybe bcoz im not doing anything..
maybe i didn't change at all, im still the same immature me.. & now that im already 23, its time for me to act differently, change for the better!

im 23 now, im still in college.. err.. i want to graduate soon, work & earn my own money.. buy things for me & my loved ones, there are so many things i wanted to do, there are so many places i wanted to visit, and there are so many things i wanted to achieve.. i just dont know where to start..

now that im older, i should act mature not only for myself but also for the people who loves me.. birthdays means new beginning, new problems to face, new decisions to make.. & now, its time for me to make a decision to take a leap, let go, move on, & start a new beginning.. problems may arise, but w/ god's grace & the people who loves me, i know there's nothing i cant do..


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