the party last night was awesome.. twas wonderful esp bcoz buo kming lhat.. wlang absent.. twas a fun BEER-day, with stripper & concert.. (singer-wanna be!) ahaha..


thanks for the PARTAAAAAY!!! sakit ng tyan/panga ko kakatawa.. i just cant stop laughing when im with em'.. i think i got drunk, kso sabi nila nde nmn daw, kc puro juice lang daw ininom ko.. hmm, may THE BAR kya un.. & i have pictures as proof.. ewww,, BANGAG tlg.. kadiri,. i hate the pics, coz i look stupid, but still its nice to look at them when ur sad or simply bored, it will definitely make u ROFL..

the night was full of laugh trip, and hot-hot conversation (u know what~!) got home @ 7 in the morning.. puyat tlg.. but twas all worth it.. cant wait for the next session..


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