Whole day celebration

Since its cady's and my birthday, today, we had a whole day celebration!!!

Me & my family had lunch at Shangri-la West Ave. so many food, so many time for bonding.. so many wonderful moments shared.. we had so much fun!

i missed my parents, we dont really see each other that often, but when we do thats non-stop bonding.. well my mom is not the coolest mom, she may be the very strict-nagger-witch-type in fairy tales, but heck she loves me.. & i know when all else fail, she'll always be there for me.. well, my dad - he's just the best.. Lol! (mom, if ur reading this, dont get mad.. i love u!)

after my lunch date w/ my parents, husby & i went to trinoma.. we want to watch harry potter sna, but we dont have enough time, so we stayed s food court, with no food since were busug.. just like the old times, back in 2003, when were just bf-gf, we usually do that.. bonding sa foodcourt ng SM.. lol! so baduy, i know.. but twas fun.. nice memories to come back to when we get old..

so there, before 6pm, eyera arrived s trinoma, then c kharz nmn after a few minutes.. (5pm ang usapan!) nmn tlg oh! ahahaha.. we went to starbucks, of course, as always! starbucks will always be a part of us.. our bonding time wouldnt be that complete pag walang coffee + chikahan.. syang wla c gari.. nde buo ang original coffee ex group! last time, c kharz nmn ang wla.. but im lookin' forward next saturday for another bonding moment with overflowing beer and cuba libre, courtesy of the bday girl Ms. kharen "kharz" Fabe.. that time completo n kmi.. WOW! im soo excited..

then after s starbucks, we had dinner s Jack's Loft trinoma, grilled chicken with mashed potato for me & eyera, and spicy hot wings nmn for kharz.. ayaw nila uminom, khit ako gs2 ko (khit d nmn ako umiinom) theyre saving it daw for the saturday gimik..

well, twas a wonderful night with lots of trippings - laughing, ka-echosan, kabaduyan & very katulong mode.. & we captured it all on cam, i looove it!


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