last monday, i was checkin jen's friendster.. i clicked the "who's viewed me" tab.. may 3 girls n ngview sknya.. out of curiosity i clicked each one of em'.. then this JOAHANNA post something like this in her shout out - "its nice to see u again jerny.. mwaaah" well, not exactly like that huh, pro may mwah.. i wasn't really paying attention xe i thought she's referring to her bf na same name ni jerny.. at kya nya vniew un page ni jen kc bka nga kpangalan ng bf nya.. but i tried to add her anyways..

the next day, she posted this in her page "dont wanna add you.. i know its juz a trap, its dat u who truly send a request or juz a stupid gurl on ur pic? i know u still remember my address en cel# juz give me a ring ok! so happy to have u again jen.. sweet moments 2geder wont u? LOVE IT" at may tagline png ganto - "hope you've never had an amnesia RIGHT"

the BITCH!!!

WHAT DA EFF? i just cant stop LOL-ing.. i hate her b/c she called me stupid BUT DUH!!! cno bng mas mukhang stupid samin? i asked jen about her, and he cant even remember her.. pathetic huh!!! yeah i know, jen is super as in MEGA player, but that's before he met me.. (rofl, feeling!) pro its true, he's a diff. person.. dmo nga maiicp n ganun pla xa dti pag nkilala mo xa ngyon.. he's not perfect though, he is so immature in some ways, and sometimes uber confident about himself but one thing is for sure he is LOYAL to me and he superb LOVE ME.. proven & tested! lol..

i msgd her, and til now wla p xa reply.. OMG, this is sooo exciting.. this may sound crazzzy but im enjoying this.. thanks to her stupidity, at npapasaya nya ko!

JOAHANNA, if u can read this.. GO F*CK URSELF!!! BIATCH.. and please, nxt time mg tagalog kna lng.. roflmao!!! paulinian k p nmn, U R a Disgrace!!! ^___________^


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