Joahanna part II

just an update.. after 3 days, finally she replied!

she's calling me names.. im a bitch/hoe whatsoever daw.. OMGEEE, why is she sooo pissed? xa n nga un nang gugulo.. oh well, she's pathetic and crazy! well, the best part of her reply is when she said: "buti dka lng gnawang sex object ni jen" for pete's sake, isn't obvious? its because pang short time lng xa and im for keeps.. and that's something she will never be!

sb p nya i should watch jen 24/7.. what da eff? e kahit ipamigay ko p un c jen, he'll keep running back to me.. ASA p xa.. she's history, well on second thought maybe not! she's just claming that she is..

JOAHANNA, kun may ngyari man s inu ni jen from the past, maybe that isnt sooo good after all, biruin mo kalimutan b nmn agad ni jen! poor lil' bitch.. bka ur "giling moves" wasn't that good pa.. gs2 m turuan kita? roflmao!!!


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