A Day to go..

DARN.. its past 2am, technically its thursday.. so tomorrow's gonna be my theory presentation! and I CANT THINK OF ANYTHING.. that ain't cool.. my grades depend on this!

my mind is not working.. it's just BLANK, EMPTY, USELESS!

im super scared! i dont wanna be embarassed in front of the class, i have to make sure that i can make a theory and be able to defend it.. sabi nila, my classmates will ask me questions, also sir P.. they'll do everything pra hanapan ng loophole un theory ko.. so i have to make a SIMPLE theory that im sure i can defend khit anong mangyari.. but the question is HOW?

pls lord, help me! :(

at since ala ko mgawa, i asked the "fortune teller genius"

well he isn't a genius after all! wahahaha.. palubag loob!


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