Bum's life

tomorrow's gonna be back to school, got class @ 10.. have to wake up early! i haven't started my project for theories-defense, DARN! i cant seem to start the work, i got no idea at all, so i have to go to school tomorrow, and listen to my classmate's theories to get some ideas on how it should be done.. im super cramming, im scared!

nothing special happened today, just stayed home and watch TV.. my hubby's mom bought pizza (pizza hut) for me.. :) laveeet!

i saw 2 product that caught my eyes.. the first one is the "in-styler" png style ng hair prang flat iron pero d xa flat.. it makes ur hair stylish and silky.. uber cute, kso expensive.. 6k! WTF? goodluck..

the next one is the samsung i780, qwerty keypad, pc-on the go! ngyon im confused whether to buy nokia e63 or the samsung i780.. mas gusto ko sna un nokia kc user-friendly, kso the style of samsung is more sophisticated.. i read reviews, sbi mganda, sbi nun iba hindi.. im confused!

i'll decide nlang once i have money na..


Anonymous said...

just get an iphone...=)

jaja said...

hey, hallooo.. iphone is too pricey for me.. lol!

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