Ondoy Typhoon Experience..

Sept 26 was a DISASTER! for the first time i experienced flood 2d extreme.. the water almost reached the 2nd flr, it started @ 11AM, honey woke me up, sbi nya nandyan n daw un tubig.. so khit inaantok gmicng nko.. kala ko nmn ngbibiro lng or ang expected ko super konting baha lng.. 30 mins after, the water lvl is waist high na.. and before 1pm lagpas tao na xa..twas hard, no food, no electricity, no internet (my life).. but all in all twas fun narin coz i got to spend more time with my husband and his family, something i cant do when FB is around.. haha! we eat together, small talk, bonding galore!


@ 3AM, bumaba n din un tubig.. khit we dont have sleep we started cleaning the house.. it was stinky at maputik, lhat basa, some of our things are ruined pa.. un ang pinaka hate ko n part -- CLEANING!!! i got to spend the whole day with cady.. that means whole day of headache, super kuliiiit..

honey and i went to GH, i bought a new phone.. sgh i780! kewlness.. laveeeet!!!

honey didn't go to work, he stayed with me the whole day.. binantayan namen si cady, headache again! nalinis na namen un putik, but we haven't started fixing the room yet, twas VERY MESSY! and our things are still wet..

got up early, honey went to work.. i was left alone, so i cleaned the room nalang.. super messy, i dunno where to start.. sobrang makalat, nde mo na alam kun san ilalagay.. masakit n un katawan ko kakalinis, pro parang wlang nagbago.. magulo p din un room! when he got home i asked him to connect the pc, tv, etc.. akala ko ncra un pc.. buti hindi nmn.. nabulok n un veggies ko s farmville, at cakes ko s yoville! sigh* so just to make myself happy, im installing sims 3 now, laveeet! i will sleep super late today khit 4 days nko wlang maayos n tulog.. its nice to be back!!!


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