God's Call..

last saturday was really heartbreaking.. it was painful to see families who are crying for help and knowing that there are people who died.. it was awful!

before, i used to see people on news who suffered from floods, but i didn't care that much.. for me, twas NORMAL.. then ondoy came, i experienced it msyelf and it was hard and scary..

after the flood all that is left are mess, garbage, and a sad look on our face.. some of our things are ruined but we managed to save some.. my husband keeps on whining about the situation, so i convinced him that we are LUCKY and BLESSED compared to others..

those are just material things, even how expensive, we can always get a new one.. the room was messy and stinky, but after a good cleaning, in a few days there will be no trace..

we are ALIVE, and that's something to be thankful.. we are lucky enough to have a house to clean and a loved one to hug after the typhoon.. others don't..

could Ondoy be God's call?

it amaze me that many did volunteer to help give relief goods to those who are affected by the flood, and how others managed to help their neighbors even when there's too little to give.. People set aside politics and learned to care for each other.. finally, Filipinos have a common goal, to HELP with all that they can!

yeah, Ondoy caused a lot of suffering, pains, and problems.. but when u look at the bigger picture, it did something good for the people.. Ondoy proves that men is capable of loving and sharing..

its just sad, do we really need to lose a home or a loved one before we start to CARE? what if everything's back to normal and everybody recovered from the tragedy, are we just going to forget and move on?

do we need another ondoy typhoon?


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