S for Stress..

woke up @ 11AM.. i cant go back to sleep & i cant go to school because of dysmenorrhea! honey is not home yet so i have to take my lunch alone.. he arrived @ 4PM, so we had late lunch together.. kumain nnmn ako ul8! well konte lng nmn un nakain ko knina, nkakatamad kc kumain pag mgisa..

my classmate SMS-ed me, sb nya she reserved the ENG.-AVR for our report.. how nice of her to inform me, twas an individual work pero since im absent kya cgro pna reserved nadin nya ko..

im super bored, and S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D.. next week will be defense ng theories for my 2 subjects.. wla pko ngagawa! im not in the mood, i need to unwind first, i have to go some place.. have fun!

honey is home, and his pasalubong - chocolate kisses for me! ♥


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