Weekend updates..

i turned in early last night, EARLY? well, early than the usual.. got headache & took meds, cgro kya ko inantok agad.. kso si honey ang daldal so we ended up chatting til 3am.. so khit im so dizzy we talked parin, bonding time just to keep up with our busy life.. tpos nun i feel better na, he fell asleep naman.. ako nmn un di na inaantok, buti nakatulog din ako..

he woke me up at 11am, we took lunch together.. im feelin' sick kya after lunch i went back to sleep mga til 5pm ata un.. so di natuloy un "us" time namen.. mamya nalang, bonding d2 s haus. FOODTRIP!!!

8-MCDO to the rescue! quater pounder for me, chicken nuggets for hubby..
with milo+coffee, home made starbucks ni honey! haha.. life simple joys!

tomorrow, 'mayweather vs. marquez' bonding nmn.. kay floyd xa kay marquez ako! i dont like marquez, gs2 ko lng awayin si honey.. hehe!


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