June means School

its school month, hello stress!

cady started going to school last june 7 and mine will be on the 15th. its hard bcoz we both are studying, im helping her out on her homework and i realized since she's already kinder 2 i must push her to study harder.

the problem is: its really hard to teach your kid how to write and read, i need a lot of patience!!!

i don't even remember how i learned to write, when i asked my mom she said she didn't put much effort in teaching me bcoz im a good kid. with cady its different, when we are studying she is easily distracted, she loves goofing around and at some instances she's sleepy. ugh!

enough with my ramblings.

i only got 3 sems to go before graduation, yay for me! there are still few things i need to fix, its going to be my thesis so prolly ill be super busy, but i am excited!


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