St. Monique Valais

the long wait is OVER, last wednesday i went out with my bestfriend for a coffee then we saw this ad for St. Monique Valais, when i got home i told hubby about it.. he got excited! (that is so not him) coz i always ask him to get a house, i already did my research in bulacan and cavite but he declined! so, yesterday we did a tripping to the subdivision, we're both mesmerized by the place.. it's peaceful, relaxing almost a paradise within your reach..
:woooh:so, since we love everything about SMV, we already placed a downpayment! yipee!!! hooray!!! i super love everything that is happening in my life now.. everything is working as planned.. and i thanked GOD for that!
here are some pics from SMV:
townhouse - nicole
College of St. Monique - future school ni cady
the pool ♥


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