it was a major heartbreak watching the news.. what happened in quirino grandstand was really sad, it made me burst into tears.. my heart is hurting while watching especially when the driver manage to escape and said "patay na lahat"..

i have seen negative feedback on twitter/facebook about FILIPINOS because of Rolando Mendoza.. some blame media and PNP, i think it's unnecessary.. yeah, PNP for example needs MORE training and media should've avoid showing infos that made the hostage taker more aggravated.. BUT still, this is not the time to point fingers.. they're all just a victim of the circumstances..

for Rolando, i know what he did is wrong but im in no position to judge him.. I don’t know what he's been through, and i don't know his pains.. the least we can do right now is to stop blaming someone and just pray for all the innocent lives that are lost..

i hope this would serve a lesson to all of us.. may our president do something about the obvious problems that we have in our government..


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