Saranghaeyo hyung-nim!

i still cant get enough of Jang Geun-seok.. just finished watching "You're Beautiful" yesterday.. & twas' awesome i must say! my heart aches because its over.. i don't want it to end!!!
when i first saw the lead actor, w/c is Tae-kyung played by Geun-seok i was like WTF?!! a guy with an eyeliner? seriously?! ....BUT when i heard him sing, i am speechless.. DANG!!! the band fiction name 'a.n.jell' suits him, he sings like an angel! well, for me.. LOL..
but really his voice is awesome, at first i thought that he is really a member of some band, so the curious-me googled him.. i found out that he's my crush from the movie "baby and me" and that he is not a singer at all, but this guy can sing pretty well..

Now my crush list got a new member:
1. Lee min ho
1. Jang Geun seok

LOL, u read it right! it's not a typo error.. both of them is on NO. 1..
i don't know why, but i realized that i have this thing for "bad boy type" guy.. both of em' played a 'rich-snobbish-clean freak' character and that's what i love about them.. could it be that i wanted someone like that? well, maybe! :) but im happy with my husband just the way he is.. he's definitely a SNOB to other girls and gentle with me.. but he's not rich and definitely not a clean freak.. hahah!
am i making any sense here? idk, im just speaking my mind..

oh well, here's an OST titled "what should i do?" sang by Geun-seok! i love him to death ♥


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