i got my hair done last saturday.. what do u think? after 98974987 years i got myself a new hair style.. i got tired with the same old boring me so i got myself a BANGS!
it's kinda hard to maintain especially on normal days like when im running late for school or if im just staying home.. i got NO time for my hair.. there are days when i go out without even combing.. i just dont care! but... i know our hair is also important so im trying to change the way i think.. i promise to give myself enough time to make my hair presentable.. especially when im going out.. so here's my first!

change topic: today is PSYCHOLOGY SOCIETY'S acquaintance party, it's my last since i'll graduate soon.. *excited* well, actually its also my first.. lol! i just don't attend school gatherings.. for the longest time i've been with my school i haven't attended any G.A. (general assembly), psych meetings, acquaintance party, christmas party or whatever party! it's not that i don't like to party because I DO.. a lot!!! it's just that i don't have any CLOSE friends to go with.. im not aloof or anti-social, its just that some of the people i know graduated already.. but this time it's different i got NEW friends.. and im happy with them! *baduy*


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