Sing your heart out

last night i went out with my BFF's after 3mos of not talking.. well, friends have their fair share of ups and downs, and since we're not perfect we commit mistakes.. twas' just a petty fight and misunderstanding, good thing everything is OK now.. :)
last night was fun, as usual.. its seem like we didn't fight at all! we went to 'HAVANA ktv bar' and unleashed the DIVA in us! lmao.. i missed them so much, whenever im with them everything seems perfect and simple, i feel like im a child again, i can fool around, be childish, be stupid or simply be just ME.

we've known each other since high school and we've been through so much things, from serious stuff to the most stupid stuff.. i am sure that our friendship is BIGGER and STRONGER, nothing can tear us apart..
what's good about friends is that you argue and you may hate each other BUT in the end NO WORDS are needed, no SORRY should be heard.. you'll just feel it and you'll realize life is better with them around, so all the hate and pain will just disappear and you just want to be with them again..

so, to my BFF's this post is for you guys! you all know i love you.. ♥


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