i feel......................

like my dreams are falling apart.. the one thing i've always been dreaming of is now

last night i've seen the news about GA (globe asiatique) where in it is involved in a housing loan scam.. 'st. monique valais' is also a project of GA and im scared i have to let go of my long time dream of having a house of our own..

we've already paid the DP for 3mos and that's a total of 17k more or less! i know it's not a big sum of money, but still.. every penny counts!

......and what bothers me the most is: i already planned the floor layout/interior design and it gave me sleepless nights just thinking or dreaming about living in that place..

the place is really beautiful, and i hope i can still live there someday.. but im not a risktaker, im not sure if risking anything that involves money would be all worth it..

next week i'll visit their main office, i will end this stress and depression im feeling right now, they must lay all their cards and NO MORE LIES please!

must not think about it for now.... sigh*


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