Drama Update

i just recently finished the k-drama "My fair Lady" the story line for me was great, what i hate about it is the lead actor, his acting was good and the character of the story suits him well.. it's just that he's not the "hunk-lead actor-type" i was looking for.. maybe i got used to seeing lee min ho and geun seok that's why im a bit dissapointed with him.. overall i rate the story 8/10! Kang hae na (Yoon Eun Hye) is so pretty!!!
been bored to death for the past few days, so i googled for a new 'past time drama' to watch, it's been a form of relaxation for me.. good thing i found one and now im hooked again..it's called "Fated to Love you" im still on ep5, but it made me cry a gazillion times already.. i still have 18 episodes to go! looking forward to finish it this weekend but i don't know if that's possible, it's been raining for days now and my DSL connection is always acting up.. damn, GLOBE sucks bigtime!!!


carlevesun said...

hahahah!!! im done with both dramas and i like FTLY better... kakakilig!

love YEH though. kaya lang parang hindi ako sanay ng bitchy-bitch sya.. hehehe... love her clothes! designer labels ang halos lahat! yung iba hindi ko makuha kung saan nakuha yon... hahahahah!!!

Belle said...

ok din un 'MFL'kso ampanget nun butler.. :) clothes ni hae na feeling ko un iba f21 un..

'FTLY' nmn is the BEST..i super love the story,im on ep18 na.. grabe im a walking zombie already.. ♥ it!

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