First Day Of School.. Again! with a WIERDO..

First day was "okay!"

im starting to enjoy student life,

i only got 1 sem left.. and i cant wait for October 2011..

for this sem, i got 3 major subject left and 4 minor subject including PE 3 and PE 4..

since i got minor subject that means new classmates, and new professor. i was friggin' scared, i really hate the feeling of 'first day'..

luckily, my professors were super nice..


there was a weird looking guy, in cream colored pants and stripe polo shirt.

he asked me rudely,


i was not sure if he's talking to me, i was speechless for a moment.

after a few silence, i replied "Uhmmm.. Phil Lit?!"

then he entered our room..

later in the afternoon, i heard someone's calling my name.

to my dismay, its the weirdo..

i was shocked!

"Kamusta kana?" he said in a more appropriate tone.

"uhm, ok lang?" i muttered. then he started chatting as if he knows me.
WTF! how did he know my name?

Then he keep on asking questions.

after a few minutes of misery, Julie arrived just when i needed her most.

i said Goodbye to him then julie and i ran.. laughing!

Saved by the bell!


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