Happy Birthday Garov.. Cheers!

 Gari Encina, Happy Birthday!!!

yesterday we we're able to celebrate Gari's birthday, me and my gurls went to Guilly's to PARRRTY!

twas' a special day bec not only we are celebrating gari's birthday but also his second life.. he was diagnosed of having dengue and he just got out from the hospital, his platelet went down to 14, and we thought he's goin to die.. good thing he was tough and he got strong faith that's why he was able to withstand the test and face death to live again.. chos!

so to your second life, CHEERS!

let's PARRRTY again soon... we lurve you russian bebeboi!!!


Anonymous said...

thanks my special friend... when i say special, u say MAMI.. c'mon, go! SPECIAL... MAMI... SPECIAL... MAMI... haha! when i say special, means one of the precious and treasured i have... i appreciate everything friend, i lab yah! mwuahz!


Anonymous said...

so sweet... like much..

- - bimbim

Karen Kierulf said...

OMG. I didn't know about that dengue thing!! I'm glad Gari's okay now. Hi, Gari! :) Nel, you're still the sweetest. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! hehe... :D


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