DAY 3: My 5 Phobias

Claustrophobia- Fear of confined spaces
i am not that claustrophobic but i know that i will surely panic in a dark small room and will have a difficulty in breathing.. and i hate imagining myself trapped in a coffin or anything like that!

Batophobia - Fear of Heights
i've never ride a roller coaster because of this fear, just by looking at it makes me wanna cry..  high buildings or places also scares me, especially when i am lost in thought while in a veranda then someone will try push me as a joke, i will definitely freak out..

Nyctophobia - Fear of the Dark
i sleep with the lights on, and i hate it when meralco cuts the power at night! it makes me go crazy and paranoid!

Thanatophobia - Fear of Death
i am not ready to leave everything behind.. i haven't fulfilled my dreams yet and i feel like there's so much for me to do here.. and above else,  i don't want to die because i am not sure if i am worthy enough to face GOD!

Scoliodentosaurophobia - Fear of Lizard
every time i go to the bathroom is a torture.. i swear i always freak out when i see a lizard! you may say that i am crazy but this is what i fear most! a few years back i was in Caliraya for a school trip, i was taking a bath when a lizard appeared at the door near the knob.. i was screaming like a mad woman, i was crying for help but no one is there to hear me.. i felt so hopeless, i wanted to die! No exaggeration, but i was actually planning to kill myself that time.. it's just that the fear is so much to take, i felt like ending my life was the best option to escape the threat in front of me.. i know you may think i am stupid, but what can i do? lizards really scares me to the core!


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