DAY 4: 5 Pet Peeves

Dirty Public Toilets
Dear Maintenance Team, Even if its for public use you must still keep it well cleaned and maintained.. why?! because it's your f*cking job! got it?

People who are so full of themselves
Okay, so you're smart or rich or handsome/pretty.. but do you really need to say it out loud? can you not wait for other people to compliment you?! my gosh you are pathetic..

People who are enormously stupid
Go back to grade school and read a dictionary or better yet just SHUT UP!!!

People who dont know how to mind their own business
your life is not worth living that's why you keep on meddling with other people's business.. then, why don't you just hang yourself to death instead of irritating people? take my advice, so you can save yourself from embarrassment when i kick your face!

People who lacks breeding (manners)
people who farts and burps anywhere, people who pick their nose and don't care if they look disgusting, people who eats loud, people who are rude to the core.. why don't you all just stay locked up in your house?!
good idea right?


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