New Addiction: Vampire Diaries Series

okay, so we all know how i LOOOVE Vampires and that i am so addicted to them, so here's another proof of that.. VAMPIRE DIARIES -- man, i am so in love with this TV series.. especially with DAMON SALVATORE! he is sooo freakin' HOT.. well, HOT is an understatement actually!

all the cast are AMAZING, good acting plus GREAT storyline --- way, way better compared to the BOOK! the book was OKAY.. it has a lot of teen drama and characters like wolves, devil fox, demons, angels and whatnot but i prefer the series better.. the TV series is much mature, exciting and action-packed! 

i'm done with VD series I and II, and i can't wait for season III.. 
the most awaited and intriguing part in season III is the role reversal of Damon and Stefan.

What will happen to Elena left only with Damon,
now that Stefan is losing his humanity and started working with Klaus?

spell EXCITING!!!


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