I know you Love Me, xoxo Gossip Girl!

i love GOSSIP GIRL so much, especially Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass..

Serena? NO! she's a slut! every episode, there's a new guy she's dating -- and when i say dating i mean making out! she don't deserve Nate and Dan because she's a selfish bitch..

so, how true that BLAKE LIVELY is similar to her character in Gossip Girl?

i found an article from TMZ the other day, look HERE and see for yourself!
Nude photos of Blake Lively are circulating over the internet and she DENIES it! she's claiming that's its photoshopped and fabricated to ruin her..


What a Ho Bag!

Were Blake Lively's Nude Pics Meant for Ben Affleck?
There were rumors from a while back that Ben Affleck and Blake Lively were hooking up on the set of 'The Town'.. And another blind item today reported that apparently, Blake Lively's Nude photos was sent to Ben Affleck! and that Jennifer Garner is the one who leaked the nude photos -- Go Girl!

"It's payback time, bitch!"
- Jennifer Garner
then this photo just came out yesterday of Ben Affleck and he was sporting a serious black eye.. judging from Elektra and Alias, Jennifer surely knows how to kick some ass..

Blake Lively's publicist called yesterday's cache of purported Lively's photos "100 percent fake," The new pictures feature half a dozen cleavage and nipple close-ups, plus some thong butts, another full frontal, and a couple PG self-portraits featuring Blake's fake tattoos from the movie The Town and fully made-up face.

so husbands treat your wives well, 
especially when you don't want to get 
kick in the curb with a smashed face!


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