U R goin down bitch

i told her how loser she is and sbi nya nde daw xa "LOOSER" Omg, simple spelling lng, plibhasa kya "LOOSER" ang spelling nya sa LOSER kc LOOSE ang utak nya.. wahehe!

stupid bitch.. how can she expect to compete with me? simpleng bagay taob n xa.. i just cant believe may sobrang tanga n tao n 2lad nya..

she keep on insisting n mdami PAST c jen, migosh! so what? that is from the PAST, im the present and the future.. and she is nothing..

i really dont think n she's an ex-gf.. 1st of, only my friends ang may alam n ang nick ni jerny ay jen.. 2nd, alam nyang honey ang twagan namen.. 3rd, alam nya na im still goin to school.. nde pde nmn n nakita nya sa mga social net namin dhil lhat un super private.. so naicp ko lang, maybe someone asked this bitch to mess with me.. & i think kilala ko un taong un..

oh well.. they better be careful..


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